Popular Alcoholic Beverages

Conveniently Purchase Alcoholic Beverages

You may not have realized J & D Market carries a variety of alcoholic beverages that you can purchase at any one of our convenient stores. You don't have to run all over town in order to buy a beverage that your dinner guests will love. We offer:
  • Beer  
  • Wine
  • Liquor and mixed drinks
Beer and wine are available at all stores. There is no liquor available at our Croswell location! Call us to have your questions answered about the beer, wine, or liquor brands that we offer for purchase. 

Savory Catering Services

Let our talented personnel prepare food or snacks for the next event you'll host at your home or business. Get help selecting delicious food items you can purchase for your party or other event, without going over budget.
Call 810-679-2290 to learn more about the liquor we carry!
Enjoy our fast and friendly service.
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